Olivia | Newborn

Hello there! Remember when I posted about Heather and Matt? Well, about three weeks after we took their maternity pictures, I was finally introduced to little miss Olivia. Such a cute little face! Just loot at her. There is something so peaceful about sleeping babies. And even if they're not sleeping, they are just oh so cute! Love, Svatia

Matt and Heather | Maternity

I met Matt when we were visiting Hamilton in February last year. He took us back to the airport. I met (that's an exeggaration) Heather the same night. She didn't know about it. Matt was showing us the type of apartment they had through a window. It was night and their blind was open. That's how I "met" Heather. I promise I'm not a creeper. Jeremy and I actually ended up moving to the very same building and even to the very same floor as Matt and Heather and I aquainted myself with Heather through a more typical manner via actually meeting her face to face. By the time these pictures were taken, they were soon to be first-time parents. And by soon I mean they had about a week left! So exciti

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